Merit at Vermont Tech

Merit is an online tool that recognizes and publicizes the accomplishments, activities and hands-on experiences of Vermont Tech students. By showcasing these achievements online, Vermont Tech uses Merit to promote campus-wide accomplishments, such as student registration, graduation, scholarship awards, study abroad trips and various academic designations, as well as individual program and athletic achievements.

Vermont Tech also uses Merit to send stories about each student’s successes to their local hometown newspaper, friends and family.

A personalized Merit page is created for each student upon enrollment at Vermont Tech. Students can then claim their page and enhance it by adding a photograph, work experience, and extra-curricular activities.




Merit helps Vermont Tech get our students’ achievements into social and local media, while giving our students a high quality presence online. In showcasing student achievements from the time they enroll through graduation, Merit serves as a resume that builds itself.

For Students

Merit provides students with an institution-verified record of key accomplishments throughout their Vermont Tech career and can help them receive deserved recognition from both professional and academic worlds.

For Parents

Merit makes it simple for parents to view and share student accomplishments. With a single click of the mouse they can “like” or “share” stories on Facebook and can copy a personalized student link into an email to share with others. Now family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors can all watch you succeed.

For Prospective Employers

Merit can serve as a stepping-stone as students prepare for life after Vermont Tech. With the ever-growing popularity of social media, 75 percent of company recruiters are required to do online research on job candidates. Merit profiles are not only public and easy to find, but also promote positive attributes and the official Vermont Tech badge gives recognizable credibility.

Claim your profile

Below is a brief explanation of how to locate and claim your profile.

Step 1: Go to and search for your name.

Step 2: Next to your name, find the option to claim your profile.

Step 3: Enter your Vermont Tech email address, submit the form and wait for a confirmation email.

Step 4: Claim your Merit page by clicking on the "connect with Facebook" or "connect with Twitter" buttons in the email you receive.

Opt Out

We believe Merit is a great tool to track students’ journey and share their achievements at the Vermont Tech, but also value student privacy.

The information contained in each achievement — first name, last name and hometown — is called "directory information" and does not conflict with federal privacy laws.

If for any reason a student would like to opt out of Merit, they can remove their profile and achievements immediately after claiming their Merit page. A direct "opt out" link can be found on each page.