Jennifer Pivovar

Phone: (802) 728-1776
Department: Computer & Information Systems

Jennifer started working with computers before PCs hit the market.  First with the Department of Energy transforming the engineering design process to CAD systems, then as Systems and Database Administrator for Site Engineering. Deploying the earliest Relational Database systems within engineering (on Vax clusters and Novell networks), she found her calling, implementing the Oracle Database on multiple platforms from version 5 to the present version 12c. 

After receiving her MBA from the University of South Carolina, she went to work for Oracle Corporation as a database performance and architecture consultant. After ten years travelling globally, providing service to some of Oracle's largest customers, she retired and returned to New England. Here at VTC she hopes to share technical knowledge and practical experience from her years in industry with students in Systems Administration and Database Administration.

Katherine Porter

Phone: (802) 728-1580
Department: Business Technology & Management

Connie Powell, MSN, RN

Phone: (802) 626-6538
Department: Nursing

Chris Reilly

Phone: (802) 728-1273
Department: Architectural Engineering Technology

I joined the Architectural & Building Engineering Technology Department  in 2008 and I have loved every day that I have been here because I get to combine two of my favorite things: teaching and engineering. My background is in building systems, specifically heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC), so classes I teach include subject areas like fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, HVAC, plumbing and electrical/lighting systems. In all of my classes, I try to emphasize a combination of theoretical concepts and practical applications through lectures, labs and "real world" projects. I enjoy teaching both fundamental and advanced classes because it allows me to see the students grow both as people and engineers, which is very gratifying.

In addition to my teaching I am also the advisor for the Vermont Tech ASHRAE Student Branch, which is one of two clubs in the Architectural & Building Engineering Technology Department that is affiliated with a national, professional society. This club allows students to explore their interest in the field and network with practicing professionals. Each year we go to the ASHRAE Winter Conference which is a great opportunity for the students to attend a professional conference and trade show and also allows them to meet fellow student members from around the country.

In 2011 and again in 2014, I was selected by the ASHRAE Champlain Valley Chapter as their Young Engineer of the Year.


Rachel Repstad

Phone: (802) 879-8251
Department: Mathematics

Rachel Repstad, Professor of Mathematics, earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics from Johnson State College in 2002, and a Master of Science in Mathematics from the University of Vermont in 2004. 

Teaching math is Rachel’s passion.  She enjoys learning how to integrate new technologies into her instruction to make mathematics content available anytime, anywhere, and launched “drop-in” help sessions at the Williston campus to ensure that a student in any mathematics course has the opportunity to get help when needed.  Her philosophy of teaching can be summed up as follows:

Even the most trivial topic in mathematics was a new, difficult, and exciting area of study at one point in history.  A successful teacher must keep this in mind, and respect the position of the student.

Rachel takes great care to teach in a style that demonstrates command of the material, demands dedication from the student, but at the same time allows the student to feel at ease in the classroom.

Gordon Reynolds

Department: Construction Management, Fire Science

Joan Richmond-Hall

Phone: (802) 728-1717
Department: Science

Jessica Stewart Riley

Phone: (802) 728-1397
Department: Equine Studies

Jessica Stewart Riley is a member of the AQHA Professional Horsemen and a Level 2 ARIA certified instructor in Huntseat, Western, and Stable Management. She has competed in both Western and English events at Quarter Horse shows, Intercollegiate Dressage shows, and Hunter/Jumper shows. She has won numerous state championships and regional all-around awards and competed nationally at the AQHYA World Championship Show, East Coast Championship Show, and Region Six Championship Show. Jessy has been training horses professionally in numerous AQHA disciplines for 11 years and coaches Youth and Amateur at AQHA shows throughout the season, including  finalists and Top-Ten finishers at the all American Quarter Horse Congress. Jessy is an Equine Sports Massage Therapist, certified in Acupressure and Electro-Acupressure by Animal Dynamics in Reddick, Florida . Her education includes an Associate in Applied Science  in Business Technology & Management from VTC, a Bachelor’s of Science in Animal Science from the University of Vermont, and a Master’s of Education in Curriculum & Instruction from  Johnson State College.

Lori Rivers

Phone: (802) 728-1726
Department: Business Technology & Management

Robert Robishaw

Phone: (802) 728-1734
Department: Fire Science

Bob been a career Firefighter for 37 years and is also an Advanced Emergency Medical Technician and Fire Inspector. He is a Pro-Board certified Fire Instructor and has been teaching with the Vermont Fire Academy for 22 years. Bob has degrees in Fire Science and Fire Investigation. 

Albert Robitaille, PE

Phone: (802) 728-1210
Department: Civil & Environmental Engineering Technology

Mr. Robitaille has taught in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Technology (CEET) Department since 1989. He presently teaches CET 1000 Freshman Orientation, CET 1031 Engineering and Surveying Applications, CET 2060 Engineering Estimates, and CET 2120 Structural Design Lab section. Mr. Robitaille is a registered professional engineer who has published several articles and two papers for the American Civil Engineering Society. Before coming to Vermont Tech Mr. Robitaille had industrial experience in the civil engineering field. In Kuwait he worked as chief resident engineer for Louis Berger GMBH in building a missile base. In Quebec he worked as a French speaking liaison between engineers of Lalonde, Valois, Lammarre & Associates and United Engineers in building hydro-electric generating facility. In the USA Mr. Robitaille acted as a structural steel broker for CANAM Group. A total of 211 projects were sold and completed in an 8 year span. At present Mr. Robitaille works as a part-time consultant to Stress-Express Inc., a post tensioning and repairing firm in Laguna Hills, CA. In his community of Northfield Mr. Robitaille serves on the Board of Civil Authority and an elected Justice of the Peace. He also serves as an emeritus Director for the Norwich University Blue Line Club (BLC). A current project includes an estimating and engineering project that will use the technical abilities of the CET 2060 class to add a new press box level for the Kreitzberg Hockey Arena. As a volunteer to a private academy in Ridgefield, CT Mr. Robitaille is teaching an online Physics course to class of five 11th and 12th year students.

Frank Romano

Department: Manufacturing Engineering Technology

Guy Rouelle

Department: Professional Pilot Technology

Steven Ruegsegger

Department: Computer & Information Systems

Janel Rule

Department: Business Technology & Management

Laurie Sabens

Department: Business Technology & Management

Scott Sabol, PE

Phone: (802) 728-1272
Department: Architectural Engineering Technology

Professor Sabol’s appointment is with the Architectural & Building Engineering Technology department, but he also teaches Statics and Strength of Materials, CET 2040 and Structural Design, CET 2120, for the Civil and Environmental Engineering Technology department.  Professor Sabol’s experience is extensive, having worked on many types of structural engineering projects in both the buildings and transportation (bridges) industry.  Prior to his appointment at Vermont Tech, Professor Sabol’s career included work as a structural engineer in Vermont, researcher in Pennsylvania, project manager in Washington, DC, and director of a transportation institute in Delaware.  He remains active in multiple professional societies and continues to author articles and participate in professional presentations.  Professor Sabol is a registered professional engineer.  His additional teaching responsibilities in the Architectural Engineering Technology include Steel Structures Design, ARE 3030, Senior Project, ARE 4720, FE Exam Survey,  ARE 4050, Architectural Engineering Management, ARE 4020,  Concrete Structures Design, ARE 4010, Codes and Loads:  Structural, ARE 3111, and Structural Analysis, ARE 3020. Prof. Sabol is a native Vermonter who grew up in Northfield.  He is known for taking motorcycle rides in the summer, searching for buildings and bridges that he can talk about in his classes.

Michelle Sama

Phone: (802) 728-1716
Department: Science

I have been teaching for six years at Vermont Technical College and before teaching, I completed a post-doctoral fellowship at Geisel Medical School, Dartmouth College. I have lived in Vermont since January of 2008 and am happy to call Vermont my home state. I have a PhD in Pharmacology, but my primary field of study has been Neuroscience. I actively studied Alzheimer's disease for 10 years, and find all areas of the brain fascinating! One of the aspects of being a research scientist that I most enjoyed was teaching students, and this led me to pursue a career in teaching.

At Vermont Tech I teach Principles of Microbiology (BIO-2120), Anatomy and Physiology (BIO-2011), General Biology (BIO-1040), Introductory Chemistry (CHE-1020) and General Chemistry (CHE-1031). I teach courses in both online and in-person format and hope to teach a few more options in the coming years. Teaching at a hands-on institution such as Vermont, allows me to use laboratory time to cover some of the hardest topics, and students at Vermont Tech seem to truly appreciate this format. As a trained scientist, my favorite type of teaching is in a laboratory setting.

Aside from teaching and chairing the science department, I also serve as the college liaison for the Vermont State Environmental and Agriculture Laboratory (VAEL), that is currently being built on the North side of campus, and will open in the Spring of 2019. While the construction has been taking place, I have worked with Engleberth Construction to offer students tours of the building site, giving Vermont Tech students an additional experience to add to their hands-on work done at the college.  This lab is an exciting project and I am eager to get students involved in the work that is done at the VAEL lab. I will also continue to facilitate interactions between VAEL employees, and faculty, staff and students of the college. 

My husband also teaches at Vermont Tech and we are both very committed to providing the best courses we can for our students. In our free time, we enjoy playing with our seven-year-old boy/girl twins and two-year-old daughter; making sure to be outdoors as much as possible. Please feel free to get in touch with me via email or phone. I am on multiple campuses so email is the best way to contact me.

Linda Segovia Wise

Phone: (802) 728-1288
Department: Mathematics