Jeremy Cornwall

Phone: (802) 728-1518
Department: Mechanical Engineering Technology, Manufacturing Engineering Technology

J. Mark Corrao

Phone: (802) 728-1287
Department: Electrical/Electromechanical Engineering Technology

Daniel Costin

Phone: (802) 728-1210
Department: Mechanical Engineering Technology

Karen Cote

Phone: (802) 728-1000
Department: Nursing

Karen began her career in Nursing at a large teaching hospital. While working there she also obtained her BS in Nursing and in May of 2010 received the distinguished Baccalaureate Nursing Student Award.

“I had the opportunity to mentor and orient new nurses to the profession and to our hospital, which I thoroughly enjoyed.” After transferring to a small critical access hospital, Karen gained experience as a charge nurse, mentor, ICU nurse, and many other roles.

In the hospitals, Karen had the opportunity to work with several Vermont Tech Nursing Grads,

“I was amazed at their knowledge and their performance in the clinical setting. I wanted to become a part of this excellent movement and transition into nursing practice.”

Karen has been a part of the Vermont Tech Nursing Team since August of 2016 and has found a strong support network in her senior leadership team and fellow nursing colleagues.

“I love teaching. My most favorite way to teach is through active learning with case studies, group presentations, NCLEX questions, and clinical reasoning scenarios.”

Nursing requires dedication and passion. Karen encourages new students to set up a schedule and develop their time management skills so they can better stay on top of their work.

Karen says, “The students that come through our program have many wonderful qualities. Students are self-directed, possess time management skills, and are committed to their learning."

Karen recently completed her first half-marathon and enjoys exploring all over Vermont.

William Cotell, NRP

Department: Paramedicine

Aimee Creelman, MSN, RN

Phone: (802) 251-2087
Department: Nursing

Graduating from nursing school in 1995, Aimee Creelman knew all along that her passion was in Maternal Child Health Nursing.  Immediately upon graduating from the Master of Science in Nursing Program in San Francisco, Aimee was hired to develop and run a Breastfeeding Center and become a Lactation Consultant in a busy urban hospital.  After five productive and challenging years in this position, Aimee, her husband and daughters moved to the Dominican Republic for a year to volunteer, learn Spanish and have an intercultural experience.  Upon return to the U.S., the family decided to settle in Brattleboro, VT.  Here, Aimee has worked on the Maternity Unit at Brattleboro Memorial Hospital since 2002.  In addition, she has worked as a Lactation Consultant in private practice, and has a breast pump rental business.  Aimee’s passion for Maternal Child Health continues to evolve in a global sense, as she began a non-profit with three other Brattleboro Nurses.  This non-profit, MANOS (Maternal and Neonatal Outreach Services) provides maternal and neonatal support services to healthcare workers in under-resourced areas. We currently work in Nicaragua. In 2014, Aimee was hired as a Clinical Associate with VTC in Brattleboro.  She quickly learned that she loves to work with nursing students and teach.  She was hired as a Full Time Assistant Professor beginning in the Fall 2015 and is enjoying the evolution of her career.   In her spare time, Aimee enjoys her family time, learning the banjo, swimming in rivers and lakes, skiing and singing with the local Women’s Chorus.  

Dr. Kimberly Crowe

Phone: (802) 728-1793
Department: Agriculture

Bethany Crowley

Phone: (802) 254-6349
Department: Nursing

My name is Bethany Crowley and I have been teaching in the faculty role for the LPN program in the Vermont Technical College southeast region since 2017. Prior to that, I had been a clinical associate since 2015. I grew up with a family of volunteer and career firefighters and would often join my father for his monthly training and weekly maintenance sessions at the local firehouse. Starting as a teen I volunteered for my local rescue squad first as a first-responder, and then as an EMT once I became eligible. Once I was a nurse, I continued to pursue emergency work in my free time as a nurse at a local ski area for a couple of seasons.
In addition to teaching I work per diem and on call for one of our clinical sites in the operating room. I have been a perioperative nurse since 2008 in central Vermont and eastern Connecticut. I also worked on a medical-surgical unit in Connecticut, and in Vermont prior to that. In perioperative setting, I function as both a scrub nurse and a circulator which has brought me into the world of orthopedics, general surgery, urology, ophthalmology, podiatry, a little bit of ENT, gynecology, and obstetrical delivery of infants, all of which happen in both the elective and emergent settings.
I am a first-generation college student, and a graduate of the Vermont Tech program from the Randolph site for my PN program and the Brattleboro site for my ADN program. I have a Bachelor’s degree from UMASS Amherst and am currently working on a Master’s in Nursing through UMASS as well.
In addition to teaching, working and going to school I have two very active sons. I also enjoy running, skiing, kayaking with the boys and reading.

Moses Daly

Phone: (802) 728-1000
Department: Professional Pilot Technology

Craig Damon

Phone: (802) 879-2387
Department: Computer & Information Systems

Dr. Craig A. Damon teaches courses primarily for the three computing programs: Software Engineering, Computer Engineering Technology and Information Technology.  He teaches broadly across the curriculum, ranging from first semester introductory courses up to and including the upcoming Master's of Software Engineering program. Some of his favorite undergraduate courses to teach include Intro to IST, Java Programming, Object Oriented Programming, Computer Organization, Software Engineering, System Analysis and Design, Computer Graphics, Human-Computer Interaction and Computer Architecture. He also teaches both Android and iOS development, usually as part of the sophomore projects course and is always thrilled to be able to work with our many gifted students for their senior projects.

Prior to his appointment at Vermont Tech, Dr. Damon taught Computer Science at UVM, including running the graduate program there. He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University. Beyond teaching, Craig has multiple decades industry experience across a broad range of roles, working in almost every facet of software companies. He has founded four software companies and served as a part of the senior management team of three others, including taking one company public.

Craig was not fortunate enough to be born in Vermont, but moved to Vermont to return his wife Leslie to the state where she grew up when it was time to raise their son. When he is not teaching, Dr. Damon is probably programming, watching old movies or helping his son research statistics from the British Premier League (and yes Craig does have data on every pass made in the league over recent years on his home server).

Leslie Damon

Department: Computer & Information Systems

Janet Dana

Phone: (802) 728-1581
Department: English

Thomas Daniel

Phone: (802) 872-8062
Department: Business Technology & Management

Linda Davis

Phone: (802) 728-1269
Department: Mathematics

Allison Dean

Phone: (802) 728-1000
Department: Science

Catherine Dewey, MSN, RN

Department: Nursing

Tamie-Jo Dickinson

Department: Business Technology & Management

John Diebold, LS

Phone: (802) 728-1282
Department: Civil & Environmental Engineering Technology

Before joining the faculty, Professor Diebold worked in the civil engineering and land surveying profession.  During this time he supervised field crews in all aspects of land surveying, designed and managed civil engineering projects, and reviewed land survey and civil engineering drawings. Professor Diebold is a licensed land surveyor in Vermont and an engineering intern. His responsibilities at Vermont Tech include teaching Survey I, CET 1011, Environmental Engineering and Science, CET 2030, and Engineering and Surveying Computer Applications II, CET 1032.  When there is student interest, Professor Diebold teaches Evidence and Procedure for Boundary Line Location, CET 3010.

Dr. Stephanie Dorosko

Phone: (802) 728-1578
Department: Science, Veterinary Technology

Dr. Stephanie Dorosko teaches both Science and Veterinary Technology courses, including Zoology, Animal Nutrition, Animal Anatomy and Physiology, and Animal Behavoir.

Stephanie earned both a doctor of veterinary medicine (DVM) degree and a Ph.D. in nutritional biochemistry and metabolism at Tufts University – a clinical degree and a research degree, as she describes them.

Stephanie worked part-time as a veterinarian while working on her doctorate, which involved public health and the breastmilk transmission of HIV from mother to child. She has published a number of articles in scientific journals such as Journal of Virology and Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Stephanie did post-doctoral work at Dartmouth Medical School as an assistant research professor before coming to teach at Vermont Tech. While teaching full-time, Stephanie is also a veterinarian at a clinic on the weekends and in the summer.

Stephanie says she enjoys getting students excited about learning, as well as guiding them through the transitional process from students to adults who have to balance work and life. Stephanie is an adviser to 28 students and in 2016 she earned the “Carolyn Donahue Friend of Equal Opportunity Education Award” from the Vermont Educational Opportunity Association. It honors a person who helps low-income students, first-generation students or students with disabilities succeed in college.