Institute for Applied Agriculture and Food Systems

The Institute for Applied Agriculture and Food Systems at Vermont Tech supports students, farmers, working land professionals and agricultural specialists with educational opportunities related to animals, plants, trees, soils, food systems, sustainability, mechanical systems and agriculture business management.

The trainings are practical and hands-on. They support vegetable, fruit and berry production, to dairy-herd management, to natural resource land management and technical skills such as meat cutting and welding.

Our Trainings range in length from one day up to three weeks in time and are taught by expert Facilitators in their fields.

Recent Trainings:

Integrated Pest Management

"The IPM certificate training was great. It was fun to get a better handle on the various beneficials. It has given me more confidence and understanding in how to maintain a healthy plant environment."

This Greenhouse IPM certificate course will give participants the tools they need to develop their own Integrated Pest Management plan.  Through case studies and hands on activities, this course will explore the cornerstones of a good IPM program: sanitation, cultural management, record keeping, scouting, pest/disease ID and sustainable control measures. Emphasis will be placed on effective diagnosis and biological controls using live examples of pests, diseases and beneficial insects. Best management practices that support IPM will be highlighted culminating in an IPM plan development workshop that responds to participant’s unique growing environments and challenges

Meat Cutting: Butchering Basics- VTC & The Mad River Food Hub

"I believe the quality of our food is in the cumulative sum of the ingredients and its preparation. Including it's handling long before it is prepared for consumption. This course takes you as close to the beginning of that process without going to a farm as you can get. I was taught more than just how to slice meat, I was taught how to safely prepare and store it well. On a personal level I now produce better quality dishes because I can handle the process from the beginning. I would recommend Bill and this class to anyone from the amatuer home/provate party chef like me to the professional restaurateur."

Day 1: Introduction, Knife Skills and Chicken Breakdown
Day 2: Lamb Breakdown and Value Added Processing
Day 3: Beef Forequarter Breakdown and Value Added Processing
Day 4: Beef Hindquarter Breakdown and Value Added Processing
Day 5: Pig Breakdown, Value Added Processing, and Wrap Up