Stay Connected

Welcome to the Vermont Tech Alumni Association! You are a valued member of the Vermont Tech community, and we hope you will consider VTC a lifelong partner – eager to share in your endeavors, ready to provide support if needed, and hoping to learn from your input and insights.


Time for a “roll call”! Let us know where you are working from these days. If our are working from home, show us yourself in your Home Office, even if it is your dining room table. If you are still at work, we’d like to see you there.

Especially you nurses, respiratory therapists, and EMTs hard at work on the front lines these days – we are very proud of you!

  1. Take a picture
  2. Post to social
  3. Tag the college (@vttech)
  4. Use the hashtag #VTCfromhere

Now you all can check in with each other from wherever you are. We miss you and want to see your smiling faces! Stay in touch and stay safe.

Our alumni community grows larger every year – and we welcome your ongoing involvement. If you have some ideas about how you’d like to get involved, please contact us! We are always interested in new opportunities.